Kingfishers down by the Hermitage!

We received an email from a visitor this week saying they had "had their socks blown off by seeing a Kingfisher" down by the Hermitage. What news! We have spent the last few days moving logs from the Hermitage up to the woodshed and as I was standing down there alone yesterday I had a word with God and said, "Come on then, show me the Kingfisher"... nothing happened. I turned my back and then I heard an amazing high pitched cheeeep. I turned towards the noise, and saw a flash of bright blue on the back of a bird speeding low across the pond. Enough said!


We are proud members of the Association for Promoting Retreats (APR) We pay a small fee each year to the APR to enable up to three people per year to come to Treargel without suffering financial hardship to do so. Additionally if people we know, friends or family, come and stay and want to contribute, we normally suggest a donation which we hold in reserve until either we have reached our 3 bursary limit, or there is a request which doesn't meet the APR criteria. One such incident occurred recently. A friend came and used the Barn and the Piggery while we were away and donated funds to this pot. This week we were able to offer this back to some guests

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