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Ready and waiting....

As we packed up last week to make space for the Casserleys, who will arrive at the end of December, there was a distinct sense of anticipation in the air.

Winter is well and truly set in. The wild life has hunkered down and the earth is taking a well earned rest. As I walked around the garden I felt the atmosphere reflecting my feelings.

Treargel is on pause. The garden is ready and waiting for spring. Just as the retreat is ready (well nearly) and waiting for the new energy and life that the Casserleys will bring to it.

I am on pause - ready and waiting for the gift of Christmas with friends and family, hopefully relaxation, sunshine, and some time to prepare for the next exciting chapter of our journey with Treargel and beyond.

It has been a complete privilege for Artie and I to welcome you and see how the place and space we have nurtured has changed lives - in some cases quite literally. We wish you all a very happy and peaceful Chrismas.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and supporting Martyn, Naomi, Aisa and Holly as they open the doors at Treargel for you in 2019.

Clare and Artie

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