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Finding your song

Welcome to February. We miss you all so very much here at Treargel.

However, all is not lost. Instead of travelling all the way to Cornwall, I invite you to take a retreat in the comfort of your own home. (To be honest, you're not missing much here, I can barely see the tree outside my window, it's so misty.)

So, why not spend a day at home, taking time out to reflect on your journey. This last year has taken us down an unprecedented path. Everyone is welcome, whether you come from a particular faith background or not.

The retreat will take time to look at:

What's alive in you, what matters to you, and finding your song.

Just like the little robin here.

(Thanks to Barney Barron for this gorgeous photo of a robin in Looe.)

Our online retreat will include;

  • 10 am welcome Zoom with devotion (optional)

  • Reflections to do on your own, including videos of our calming waves and brook to stare at.

  • 4 pm closing Zoom in which to share, plus evening blessing (optional)

To register on Eventbrite and get details for this retreat, 'Finding your song' click here.

The retreat will be put on twice, so choose between, Saturdays 20th or 27th February.

You can either just do the reflections. Or, if you want a more collective experience, join us for the zooms where we will spend a short time worshipping together led by Revd Olive Stevens, and sharing and listening to each other's experiences.

There is no set fee to participate in this retreat, but we'd be grateful for donations to help us continue doing more at Treargel. As we are not funded by any church or organisation. Perhaps give what you may notionally earn in an hour. Thank you so much.

Thanks to Truro Diocese for help with the technical bits like Zoom.


At this retreat, I invite you to sit on our bridge watching my video of the brook babbling away.

Whilst having a chat with a friend (or perhaps Jesus) about what matters most to you.


I realise things are currently very uncertain, but we are taking very cautious bookings for the summer. Depending of course on government guidelines.

Plus, through the APR bursary, we are thankfully able to continue to support NHS workers to take time out. Please pass this message on.


Lastly, take care of yourself in this difficult time and continue to be kind.

To others and yourself.


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