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About Us

As a community worker for 25 years, working with people on the margins, I know how difficult it is to take time away from the busyness of life and the toll this makes on us physically, mentally and spiritually when we don’t.


Since taking on Treargel Retreat from Clare and Artie in 2019, I’ve been learning all about slowing down, the soothing balm of nature and the joy of ‘just Being’. I want to share this with you. 


My hope is that Treargel is an inclusive, affirming and safe place of shelter for those needing time to wrestle life's questions, consider a cross-roads or deconstruct long-held beliefs. Last year it was such a pleasure to welcome over 150 guests, 40% of whom loved it so much they had returned.

“Thank you for holding the space that is Treargel.”


Although Treargel is built on Christian beliefs, we welcome those of all faiths and none and regardless of sexuality, race or ability (though sadly, due to the nature of the old buildings, those with wheelchairs may struggle).

Communal Silence

I am on a personal journey to being more contemplative and am learning how restorative silence can be. Monday Meditation (now Stillness and Silence) half an hour every week, is open to locals and guests,

Listening Ear

In offering Listening Ear sessions to those who stay at Treargel., I am so privileged to join guests on their amazing journeys, as they explore life's paths, grapple with questions or deepen their spirituality. Spiritual Direction training with Exeter Diocese 2019 - 22 really helped hone my empathy and listening skills and appreciate the wide variety of people’s experiences. 

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It is great to be members of the APR (Association for Promoting Retreats) the Retreat Association, Labyrinths in Britain South West Coastal Path and the World Community for Christian Meditation. Also The Quiet Garden Movement and British Pilgrimage Trust.

And, to be accommodation partners for the Cornish Celtic Way. See more about our Pilgrim offer.

Fifth visit
Hermitage in frost.jpg

"My first stay in the Byre, but my fifth visit to this wonderful place - Treargel. It never fails to refresh my body and soul. Thanks to Naomi and Martyn for their hospitality. Again!


“I had a lovely relaxing time. It’s such a peaceful, beautiful place. I loved being so close to nature. The Hermitage was very cosy. I particularly enjoyed evenings spent in front of the stove with the logs crackling in the fire. The kitchenette was really useful. I had everything I needed. Thank you for providing a wonderful place to stay. 

Andrew, Byre 2023 and Hermitage 2019

Blue bed linen

Caring for our world and those in it, is very close to my heart.

Ensuring your stay is as low-impact and sustainable as possible.

That is why we; 

  • Twin all our toilets with others around the world. Clean facilities save lives.

  • Buy products that are, where possible; environmentally friendly, fair trade, organic and locally made

  • Buy our electricity from Ecotricity

  • Offer 2 compost toilets (one made from ‘found materials’)

  • Buy our milk in glass bottles from the milkman

  • Use 100% linen bedding, saving on ironing and water on production

  • Encourage guests to use public transport


For information on our journey to be more green, read our blog A Public Inconvenience.

Fair trade, environmentally friendly and local goods used where possible..jpg
Pure Gift!

“The Byre was perfect for my one months stay. With reserved parking, my own front door, efficient kitchen and living equipment, sufficient heating including a wood burner and a view of the ever changing sea - what more could I want!


Naomi and Martyn were kindly unobtrusive but really helpful and attentive when requested. The Byre is one of a small number of dwellings at Hendersick Farm so you are not entirely alone; but it is a quiet and delightful way of life and I felt safe and accepted.

The garden, labyrinth and use of other spaces if available (shepherds hut and hermitage) a gift and the closeness to nature, beaches, walks, restorative for body, mind and spirit… Pure Gift!”

"Overall I have loved my time here, I have benefited hugely I know - some of the ‘inner being’ work is somewhat impossible to measure –but I know it’s been active. I feel the tears pricking at the back of my eyes as I know I must leave, but this is life!"

Lorraine November 2022

Give someone else a break


Buy a Gift Token from the Retreat Association, so a friend can stay at Treargel.

Or donate to our Bursary held by the Association for Promoting Retreats, to enable those who are struggling financially to Retreat.


Thank you for your generosity. 

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for offering genuine kindness and warmth".

Bursary recipient.

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