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Contemplations and reflections for you to use

Here are some reflections Naomi has written.

Use them by yourself or in a group; on a walk, in the comfort of your home, or here at Treargel. 

'Finding your song'  is a reflection that also contains videos and sound recordings created here at Treargel, to help in your reflection.

'A winter's walk' has been recorded so that you can take it with you and listen as you walk. Or you can use the PDF copy. The theme is winter and allowing ourselves to sit for a while with grief and decay.

'Green pastures, valleys and banquets' helps us process difficult times, using both Psalm 23 and the Ignatian Examen.

A Winters Walkread by Val Freeman
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Woodland brook
Neo resting.jpg
Waves crashing on Port Nadler beach in Cornwall

These reflections have fairly neutral language so that anyone can use them, those with a particular faith and those not. If it is part of your faith tradition, you may like to bring some ingredients to take Communion and do some remembering.

Each takes around an hour, depending on how much you reflect. 

PDFs are below so you can print them out.

As you start try to allow your imagination, fueled by your senses, to enter into the reflection. Be aware of emotions the reflection bring alive in you. And remember, contemplation is sometimes letting your mind roam. Not forcing prayers or intellectual arguments, but just being.

If you would like to do the walk at Treargel, get in touch and I will book you in and send you some more specific details. To make a donation for this walk please get in touch and I will send you the details. Other ways to help are by sharing this with others. Thanks so much.

As with all at Treargel, my hope is that these reflections will help us to Breathe deeply, rest quietly and think more clearly.


Gentle waves
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