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Accommodation at Treargel

Choose from;

- a Cottage, fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, wifi = The Byre and The Piggery


- Off-grid, back-to-nature = The Hermitage, and The Shepherd's Hut

The Piggery bedroom, linen bedding.

Extra information

Each place is discounted for single people, to encourage quiet retreat.

Cleaning costs are £50 irrespective of the number of days stayed. (It pays to stay longer;) Excluding the Shepherd's Hut, which is the only place that can be booked for less than 3 nights, as all the others take at least 3 hours to one day to prepare.

There may be some seasonal variations in prices.

If finances are low, please contact us re. our APR Bursary. 50% or £200 (whichever is lowest) of the cost of your stay. But please bear in mind that we only get 3 places a year given to us.

To get our special deals, subscribe to our monthly blog. 

Eg, our 'Monastic Gardening Fare' for those who want to paint or garden, and our Pilgrims Fare - for bringing your own linen.

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