We are partnering with the Cornish Celtic Way to provide accommodation for Pilgrims along the way.

A lovely way to retreat as you are walking.

Staying in our Hermitage along the way

As a Cornish Celtic Way Pilgrim, we charge £45 for cleaning and 

  • £30 per night

  • £20 per night if you bring your own bedding and towel

  • Please do talk to us if either of these costs makes it difficult for you to come, we have access to a small Bursary that may help.


As you may be aware, our Hermitage is a small (warm and dry) cabin in a wood, looking out on a large pond. It is off-grid, meaning there is no electricity or running water. However, there are lots of other facilities;

  • By arrangement, you are welcome to charge phones etc, and have a shower up at our house in The Barn. 

  • We will provide logs for the stove and water for you to drink and wash in. 

  • A composting toilet and a bowl and water to wash in.

  • A small kitchenette with a camp stove and cooking equipment.

  • A wood stove, bed, desk and lamps in the cabin.

  • An amazing stillness and quiet. 

  • Do have a look at our Accommodation page for pictures and more information.

Breakfast is £5, this can either be;

  1. Continental Breakfast left for you to make down in the Hermitage Kitchenette (the advantage of this is that you can have it when you like)

  2. or an English Breakfast that you can have up with us in the Barn where we live (the advantage of this is that you don't have to wash up)

Dinner is either;

  1. A hot, 2-course meal for £10 up with our family in the Barn

  2. or Tinned soup and bread left in the Hermitage Kitchenette ready on your arrival, free of charge.

So, let me know if you would like to stay with us and which options you prefer, and I will book you in.


If you would like to talk it over more, do email or call.

"A wonderful stop over on the Celtic Way. Thank you Naomi, for your attention to detail and fitting me in. Will be back."


(Pilgrim on Cornish Celtic Way)

The Cornish Celtic Way is a new pilgrimage route covering 125 miles through Cornwall from St. German’s to St. Michael’s Mount.

The aim of the Cornish Celtic Way is to aid people of all ages who are interested in spirituality to explore faith in a different way. 

Pilgrims on the Cornish Celtic Way