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Quiet Days at Treargel are a great way to find some space, enjoy the peace, and take time out. We aim to create a space that is quiet and safe enough for you to wrestle with things you may be struggling with, or simply just to rest in quiet.
Find out here about our various different themed Quiet Days and how to book in. 


10-4pm, Light lunch and refreshments are included. 

There's no set fee, but a suggested donation of £20 each to cover costs, 'in kind' offers will be considered and we have access to a Bursary. So don't be shy if finances are an issue. Guests staying overnight are welcome to join in, with discounts available if we can use their living room for the day (especially if raining).

Though we at Treargel have a Christian faith, these days are open to anyone on a reflective journey. This is not a teaching day, but we will provide promptings for your own private contemplation. These themes are just suggestions, if you prefer to follow your own programme feel free, we won’t be checking your homework ;) There will be a time of listening at the end for those that wish to share with others.

We will meet in our large lounge and dining room. Then spread out around the various lounges, library, gardens, labyrinth, Hermitage, and Coastal path. Some of these areas may not be suitable for those with mobility issues.

Reflective Walk


Here is a walk to download or listen to and do at home. The theme is winter and allowing ourselves to sit for a while with grief and decay.








If you would like to do the walk at Treargel, get in touch and I will book you in and send you some more specific details.

It takes around an hour depending on how long you reflect.

If it is part of your faith tradition, you may like to bring some ingredients to take Communion and do some remembering.

And/or bring a flask with your favourite hot drink. You may also want to bring something to sit on, so you can reflect in comfort as you go round. Special thanks to my friend Val for recording the walk so that you can use listen to it on your phone.

If you would like to make a donation for this walk I would be very grateful. Please get in touch and I will send you the details. Other ways to help are by sharing this with others. Thanks so much.


A Winters Walkread by Val Freeman
00:00 / 27:46

Quiet Days by yourself

​Where you can take your own time to reflect. This could be in the garden, library, chapel, Hermitage (if available) or walking the labyrinth or Coastal Path. Bring your own packed lunch or join Naomi and Martyn for a simple meal. With access to hot drinks and a microwave. Donations gratefully received. 

  1. DIY Quiet day

  2. Individually Guided Quiet Day. This day would include 2 half-hour sessions at the beginning and end with a guide to listen and help steer you in the right direction. A suggested donation of £15.

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