A Listening Ear at Treargel

While on retreat we can offer you a Listening Ear session.

For those exploring life's journey, grappling questions or simply wanting to deepen their spirituality.

Having been trained in Spiritual Direction, Naomi has over 35 years of being on a journey in various Christian traditions, and including missional, emergent and deconstruction themes. Plus 25 years of inner city Community Development, honing her listening skills.

She can offer 1 hour, at a pre-arranged time and place at Treargel, preferabley at the beginning of your retreat. Another session can also be booked for the end as you prepare to go home.

Donations are welcomed for her time.

Include this in your booking or email to arrange.

A lot of things have slotted into place after we spoke ... you have a gift'.

Shepherd's Hut, Aug 22

As you may remember, Granny Weatherwax (T. Pratchett) thought anyone who could listen for half an hour was a great conversationalist. Your listening has been very much appreciated. I was told once that we can think in a circle, but it's harder to talk in one - that listening space is truly important. Thank you.

Shepherd's Hut, Sep 22

Anam Cara
soul friend

Crossroads sign