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Our places to stay


  • To turn the towel rail or extractor fan on, the switches are in the cupboard behind the bathroom door.

  • The electrical circuit board is in the larder cupboard by the front door. Please let us know of any electrical faults.

  • Turn on the clock to make the main oven work 

  • The Bunkroom can get a little damp, as it is only a lean to add-on, without proper damp course. If you can leave the window open sometimes, this really helps to circulate air and prevent mold.



  • A chromecast is on the TV, and acts as a bridge between the TV and your phone or tablet.

  • We would like to apologise for any noise coming from the Barn. Since our stairs and laundry room are right next to your bedroom, there may be some noise. We will try to keep this to a minimum, but do feel free to let us know if this gets too much.

  • Please do not move the free standing heater close to soft furnishings.

  • Keep the keys on the door locks for the kitchen and at the back, in case of fire.

  • We won’t lock the connecting door to the Barn in your bedroom, as it is your fire exit, but do lock it your side by putting the pin in, for your own security.

  • Please take care of the low door frame by the back door.

  • The electric circuit board is in the Barn, with a sub-board in the cupboard behind the fridge. Let us know if there is an electrical fault.

  • If the towel rail doesn’t work, the switch is in the cupboard behind the fridge.

  • Please angle the shower towards the wall to avoid floods, an extra towel is provided for mopping up.

  • There is a hairdryer in the drawer under the big mirror in the bedroom.

  • Unfortunately, the dryer part of the washing machine no longer works, but there’s an airer in the cupboard and pegs under the kitchen sink.



  • All torches and fairy lights have rechargeable batteries. If they run out please bring them up for charging.

  • Please don’t use candles, there is a lot of dry wood everywhere.

  • The camp cooker rings are lit by the pilot light, but the grill needs to be lit by a match or lighter. The left side doesn’t always work at first.

  • Take care of the decking when it has rained, as it can be extremely slippery. Try to stay on the non-slip treads provided.

  • Make sure the curtain doesn’t come in contact with the stove when lit.

  • Please take care when lighting the BBQ and ensure it is extinguished before you retire for the night. There is a bucket of sand nearby. Also, ensure it is not too near the cabin. 

  • The wood at the back of the cabin may not be dry enough for burning yet. Please use the wood supplied in the cabin or buy wood from us.


As you leave the Hermitage


  • Please leave the key in the basket in the toilet room.

  • Anything you can bring up to the Barn really helps; eg rubbish, recycling or linen. 

  • To help save energy, if there are towels not used, leave them folded

  • Turn the gas off at the gas bottle of the camp cooker.

  • Ash from the fire - leave in the bucket or dig a hole and put it in. Too much ash is not very healthy for the composting of the toilet.


Shepherd’s Hut

  • The gas for the camp stove cooker may be turned off at the bottle outside in winter.

  • Please keep the curtain clear when using the camp stove cooker.

  • Since the woodstove was hand-made by Naomi’s dad, it cannot be factory tested and thus insured. So, unfortunately, it cannot be used by guests. Apologies for this. There are lots of blankets, hot water bottles and slippers on offer instead.

  • For those who don’t like to go out in the middle of the night, there is a portable camping toilet available. Please ask.


Hermitage and Shepherd’s Hut

Compost Loos

Full instructions for use are hanging up. Basically, only organic stuff and put down a shovel of sawdust for each use. Extra toilet rolls and sawdust are on the bottom shelf in the kitchenette and in the cupboard of Waterlooe.



Collect drinking water from the blue Mains taps in the garden, on the path by the swing. 


Cool Box 

Collect and exchange ice packs for your cool box, from the Barn. Leave defrosted ones in the Porch.



There is an outside plug in the Porch at the back of the Barn kitchen.

We can provide a fully charged power pack for your phone.


Waterlooe (Outdoor toilet and shower in the stables)

The compost toilet is quite high and therefore has steps. Please be careful and hold on to the bannister provided. The height is to enable the composting process to happen. There are instructions for use of the toilet in Watelooe.



There should be larger towels provided. If not, please ask at the Barn.

Turn the handle up 90 degrees for ‘On’, and down 90 degrees for ‘Off’.

Adjust the temperature using the dials if necessary.

Let us know if the gas runs out.

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