Labyrinth Journeys

A labyrinth is a walking path designed and built as an aid to reflection and contemplation. 


It can be used to meet a wide spectrum of people’s needs. Some come simply to slow down and others with questions or during grief and loss. The uses; including, meditation, mindfulness, reflection and contemplation, are as varied  as the people who walk the labyrinth.

A labyrinth has a single circuitous path that winds its way to the centre.  The three stages to walking the labyrinth are; Releasing, receiving and returning. 


The labyrinth at Treargel is available for retreat guests and for day use by the general public with prior arrangement.

"Walk the labyrinth and from here take a secluded woodland walk down to the hermitage sit on the balcony overlooking a small private lake. The scale is intimate and the peace and tranquillity invite rest and personal contemplation." Charlie

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