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Labyrinth Journeys

Treargel Labyrinth

"Walk the labyrinth and from here take a secluded woodland walk down to the hermitage sit on the balcony overlooking a small private lake. The scale is intimate and the peace and tranquillity invite rest and personal contemplation." Charlie

Labyrinths have been around for thousands of years. From tales of ancient Greece where it was home to the mythical Minotaur beast, throughout church history as a form of spiritual pilgrimage, to modern day where they are used to help relieve stress and calm the mind. These short curving paths have endured, thanks to their simplicity and transformative power. 

Here at Treargel Retreat we have a Cretan labyrinth, a model that has been seen on rocks over 3,000 years old. 


So, for those who want to take a short journey and leave their worries behind, come and wander slowly in the beautiful surroundings, find your peace, and maybe stare down a few monsters of your own.

The Treargel Labyrinth

How to use a Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a walking path designed and built as an aid to reflection and contemplation. It has a single circuitous path that winds its way to the centre.  The three stages to walking the labyrinth are;

Releasing, Receiving and Returning. 


It can be used to meet a wide spectrum of needs. Some come simply to slow down and others with questions or during grief and loss. The uses, including; meditation, mindfulness, reflection and contemplation, are as varied as the people who walk them.


The labyrinth at Treargel is available for retreat guests and for day use by the general public with prior arrangement.

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