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Hermitage fans have their say!

Apparently we have not explained how amazing our Hermitage is!  Here is what a couple of recent Hermitage advocates have said we should say.  The Treargel Hermitage may also be featured in a Church Times article later this month!  We look forward to the rush of people wishing to book in.

"The Treargel Hermitage

A refuge from the demands and distractions of modern life, the Hermitage is a small peaceful cabin located deep in our woodland grounds. 

An ideal sanctuary for those seeking to disconnect from the smartphone-obsessed world, it provides a comfortable retreat for up to two people thanks to its double sofa bed and wood-burning stove.

Enjoy the quiet surroundings, sip tea on the secluded veranda overlooking the large pond, and even take the boat out if you want to float away your worries.

Those looking for a refined off-the-grid experience, will find the Hermitage a perfect place to silently reflect, write that novel, or just slow down and take things easy." Martyn

"During my retreat at Treargel I spent 2 days and 2 nights at the Hermitage. I was already maintaining relative silence and was not using any electronic forms of communication nor listening to radio, television or music but staying in the Hermitage allowed me to deepen the experience.

The Hermitage is in a small woodland by a lake and I was guided by natural daylight to give me an idea of time. I woke with the dawn and it was beneficial to spend the time observing the passing day and noting wildlife including 2 deer which I saw early the first morning.

I did some journal writing and reading and became very aware of the potential for deeper contemplation separate from a busy life in the beauty and quiet of the wood."  Katherine

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