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Publicity Queen

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In the last 2 weeks I have become a Publicity Queen, learning how to post and even film. So now is your chance to (virtually) wander down to the labyrinth, through the woods and up into the fields, without any stressful travel. There are also posts celebrating Mental Health Week and National Meditation Day.

If you are on social media please follow, like and share what we do. We have loads of space this summer at Treargel, and I would love for others to enjoy the peace and beauty here.

Retreating to dark depths

Woman in wooden hut, lit stove behind her and woolly hat on.
Trying to keep warm in Stumpy Hobbit

I recently went on a short off-grid retreat, with surprising results. I thought it would be some peaceful down time. But instead I found myself going to depths I was not used to. Read the document below for more.

Sqeamish alert, wombs are mentioned.

Retreating to dark depths
Download DOCX • 3.68MB

Be our advert

As you can see, I'm on a publicity drive. So please help me by telling the lovely searchers on Google what you think of Treargel.

Money off

Don't forget, Bursaries are available if money is a barrier.


Here is what my Shepherd's Hut pilgrim thought this morning.

A written quote on paper.
Quote from Shepherd's Hut guest


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