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Walking for peace

The Beautification of Treargel

This year for our Treargel Workparty, 16th - 19th March, we will be tackling brambles, pruning hydrangeas, and weeding everywhere. Thanks so much to Fiona and Katie for offering to help with this and to Liz for the painting. Let us know if you want to come and join in the fun. No experience is necessary. The cottages have gone, but Hermitage and Shepherd’s Hut are still available. Or come for a day on the Sunday or Monday. We will have a Reflection and meal together on Sunday afternoon. Email me if you fancy joining us.

Grief quiet day 

As you know, I am running a special event in April for those struggling with a bereavement. Perhaps you know someone who is feeling stuck, or wanting to know others are out there who understand what they are going through. The event will be run by my friends Roger and Verran who have both experienced a close loved one dying. They will be using both our quiet and beautiful grounds and playing with clay, to create a safe space in which people can open up and explore how they feel. Below are booking details on Eventbrite. We have a few more spaces, so if you feel it appropriate, please do share.

World Labyrinth Day

Are you fed up with the stresses of life, 

love being out in nature, 

or want to bring about world peace? 

Then why not join us for World Labyrinth Day on May 4th, 11-3pm.

A brick labyrinth, with grass, bench and tree stump.
Treargel's Cretan labyrinth
Every year thousands of people around the globe participate in World Labyrinth Day as a moving meditation for world peace and celebration of the labyrinth experience. Many “Walk as One at 1” local time to create a rolling wave of peaceful energy passing from one time zone to the next. 

A seed finger labyrinth and chocolate cake with labyrinth decoration
Getting creative

In ancient times folks would challenge themselves by going on a Pilgrimage, but if they didn’t have the time or money for this, they would walk a labyrinth. I have noticed that recently people are doing their own kind of modern-day pilgrimages. Last year while walking Neo, I met a lady who had challenged herself, after a difficult divorce, to swim a marathon over several weeks. I also chatted to Brian who had just walked the Camino de Santiago and written a book about cycling from Rome to Turkey. Plus many others stayed at Treargel on their way round the Cornish Celtic Way. Some do it to raise money, or for their own wellbeing or in memory of someone. But for those of us who don’t have the time or money to do this, we too can walk a labyrinth. Taking our time to slowly step round the curves and turns, as we mindfully think about our lives and the things we value. Or teasing out a tricky question. If you come to our labyrinth you can join those from centuries past, as our beautiful Cretan pattern has been found in rocks over 3,000 years old. 

Come any time between 11-3pm. I have written a Reflection that you can use around the Treargel Grounds or on the Labyrinth. There will be refreshments on sale and feel free to bring a picnic. At one o’clock we will be Walking the Labyrinth as One, to show our solidarity for world peace and the environment, as a prophetic act of solidarity with others and the world.

Book your free ticket on Eventbrite, so that we know how many cakes to bake and can show you where to park.

Treargel in the National Press

Well, christian press. We were cited in an article about 'Getting away from it all' in the Church Times on Page 30. So we are now famous;)

Our February guest says;

“The Hermitage has been wonderful. It’s been so special to have a space where you can be immersed in nature and somewhat secluded - I could sing to my heart's content without worrying about disturbing anyone but the birds (I hope they weren’t distressed!). A beautiful spot and the Hermitage itself was a sanctuary, everything I needed. Although I haven’t been able to meet you [Naomi] in person, your presence I very much felt.”

Doc 'smiling' by pond and wooden cabin on sunny day.
"I love it down here too" says Neo


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