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Running a retreat, I think a lot about rest, but I am not always so good at doing it. This week I was forced to take it easy having forgotten to check our oil and wondering why the heating didn't come on, then having a power cut. Suddenly I was both in the cold and the dark (my family had gone to London). So I decided to go down to the Hermitage and find out what it's like off-grid. I have to say it was wonderful. No phone to distract me, radio or TV, it was even too dark to read Poldark. So I was forced to sit in the rocking chair, staring at the fire and look for stars. I would really recommend taking some time out if you can. 'Time to stand and stare' as Davies wrote.

Hermitage kitchenette.

Thankfully we have just built a new kitchenette for the Hermitage, so I was able to cook up a storm, or at least some baked beans.

We also love our new twin beds, friends can now stay and share The Byre. Together they make a super-king size bed and here I am trying to change the new fair-trade duvet, no mean feat!

Thank you to our recent guest Anne for helping us with some much needed gardening. We are realising this is a big job. So if you enjoy pottering about in a garden or wielding power tools, we can work out a good discount.

Many people over the last 2 millennia have used labyrinths; as a mini pilgrimage, to bring calm, help with a decision or as an act of worship. A labyrinth is not a maze. There is nothing to be solved, no dead ends meant to entrap the walker, they have a clear way in and out. Yet the small amount of concentration required to stay on the path, combined with the repetitive nature of following the pattern, is said to produce a calming effect that can do everything from reduce anxiety to providing a sense of direction on a decision to be made. Hence they are now not only in churches but also hospitals, spas and prisons.

Find one near you. Or come along to our event to celebrate World Labyrinth Day on Saturday 4th May, where we will be open to the public. See more details on our Facebook page.

Group Retreats in Autumn

Do you have a group that you would like to take away; to help them retreat and take time out?

Or perhaps you would like to do an activity together whilst reflecting; some crafting, writing, photography?

We would love to host you here at Treargel; and now with the help of our neighbour Charlie, who runs Hendersick Farmhouse B&B, we can host up to 12 people. You can lead it yourselves or we can help. If interested, contact us for a chat.

Have a great Easter everyone!

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