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I love journeys and often think of life as a journey. Some times we know where we're going and there's a clear path, others times are more confusing.

Often there are several ways forward and we look for signs or ask others what to do.

Many times life is an uphill struggle. At these points I have to remember to be gentle and generous with myself and plod on steadily or ask for help.

Our new guest in the stables, Fleur, staying for the winter.

Unfortunately we are guaranteed to encounter some 'poo' along the way. How do we cope with this?

Some suggest taking time to just 'BE'.

Whilst holding the tension of having to go up and down along our journey.

I wonder why Jesus said "I am the Gate" and "I am the Way"? Perhaps he knew our journeys would be a struggle.

All these pictures were taken locally.

Come to Treargel and take time to ponder your own life's journey.


As you may know, Treargel we want to help people to breathe deeply, rest quietly and think clearly. Martyn and I are slowly working out the best ways we can do this for you. We got no response for our Bags full of Soul weekend, so we are having a rethink about residential groups. However, we already have a booking, with Hendersick Farmhouse, for 12 ladies. If you have a small group you would like to bring along, let us know. Perhaps some friends, walkers, leaders, or colleagues; we can take up to 12.

Quiet Days

We are creating some days over the next 6 months for you to stop, listen and reflect.

I would love your to know what ones you would potentially be interested in?

Possible themes could be;

  • The place of tears

  • Detox and decluttering - mind, body, spirit (and technology?)

  • Treargel means 'the home of retreat'. What does retreat mean to you?

  • Life's a journey, how do we navigate it?

  • Belonging - in an epidemic of loneliness

  • Cherishing Creation with Rev. Andrew Hill

Quiet Days will be facilitated by Martyn and myself (Naomi) unless otherwise stated. We will provide promptings for your own private reflection, as opposed to teaching answers. We have a Christian faith, but the days are open to anyone on a spiritual journey.

We will provide refreshments and a light lunch.

The day will be free, but we would love donations for the food and our time.

Any guests staying over at Treargel are welcome to join in.

Let us know which themes you are interested in and we'll put on the most popular. By email, phone or letter

Our newest guest, Fleur, staying in our stables for the winter.

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