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Quiet Day in November

Quiet Day - Life's a journey

In my last blog I looked at how life is like a journey with many ups and downs. Our upcoming Quiet Day is an opportunity to delve into this a bit more for yourself. To take time out and look at where you have come from, where you are now and what the future might hold. How to navigate the inevitable deserts, crossroads and bogs.

With this in mind, you are welcome to join us on our next Quiet Day which takes place on Thursday 21st November 10-4pm. Light lunch and refreshments are included.

There's no set fee, but we do have a suggested donation of £20 each to cover costs, though 'in kind' offers will be considered and we do have access to a Bursary, so don't be shy if finances are an issue. Guests staying overnight are welcome to join in, with discounts available if we can use their living room for the day (especially if raining).

Though we at Treargel have a Christian faith, these days are open to anyone on a reflective journey. This is not a teaching day, but we will provide promptings for your own private contemplation. These themes are just suggestions, if you prefer to follow your own programme feel free, we won’t be checking your homework ;) There will be a time of listening at the end for those that wish to share with others.

Initially we will meet in our large lounge and dining room. Then spread out around the various lounges, library, gardens, labyrinth, Hermitage, and Coastal path. Some of these areas may not be suitable for those with mobility issues.

To book Email us, Register on our website or go to our Facebook event page

Please help us by sharing with others.

Our next Quiet Day 'Declutter your life' is 24th January 2020.

We like to tidy our homes, but what about our lives?

This Quiet Day will look at what sparks joy in your life and how to fit more joy in.


Treargel Christmas Open House

We would also like to invite those nearby to join us on Saturday 14th December.

Come and have some ‘hygge’ with us; that is, sit around the fire and tree, tell us about your year and enjoy some home-made food and entertainment.

This is a Free event. Time to be arranged. RSVP so we know how much cake to make.


Cosy Christmas cottage

Talking of Christmas, do you know anyone who may be interested in having a quiet Christmas, with a beautiful view? We have a week's slot in the Byre available for £100 a night over Christmas. Room for 2 singles or a couple, plus bunk-bed for smaller people.


We encourage anyone who is looking for time out to reflect on their life to come and; breathe deeply, rest quietly and think clearly.

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