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Easter news and special offers

Treargel gets a facelift

My parents arrived first, with dad quickly getting down to making a beautiful new compost ‘zone’, gate for the Piggery and a non-slip entrance to the wood. Mum tidied the Piggery garden, pruned the roses and replanted some saplings. Later, friends from our church in London came by car and train. After a quick bite of cake they started pruning the hydrangeas, cutting back brambles, and weeding the courtyard. The next day they weeded all the steps through the orchard and down to the labyrinth. One of our guests admitted that she wasn’t much of a gardener, so she got on with applying wood preservative on our garden furniture, the Byre door and sign.

What an amazing team!

I feel so privileged to be helped in this way, I could never have done it alone.


This year we will be joining many others around the country for National Retreat Week 23rd - 30th September. 'A week to promote collective and individual reflection, contemplation, prayer and retreat…' Watch Chine MacDonald author of 'God is not a White Man', explain why going on Retreat is so important to her.

Eating outdoors always tastes better

Cooking for 23 at the BBQ for the gardening team, friends and neighbours. Thankfully the weather stayed fine. Here's looking forward to many more this summer.

Stillness and Silence

Our new name for Monday Meditation. Come and join us.

Below is an example of the prompts I send out each week, via email and facebook.

Gandhi once said;

"In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness".

Quoted in 'Holy Silence, the gift of Quaker spirituality' by J. Brent Bill.

May you have moments of 'crystal clearness' today.

Limited special offer for the Byre

Come and stay in the Byre with 10% off for stays 5 days or more, between 7th - 23rd April.

Book now using the code Easter 23 Special offer

Ongoing special offer for the Hermitage

Come and stay in the Hermitage for free and paint the outside with wood preservative.

Book here adding the code Protect the Hermitage


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