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Strands of hope

Hope from a spider's web

I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle to see the point of life. Decisions our current politicians make, scandals in the church, and the lack of hurry about the climate emergency, make me just want to lie down on the floor, and sleep. (Or is that the rain and perimenopause? ;)

Today however, I took Neo up on the headland and saw something I'd never noticed before. There were cobwebs everywhere. In the grass, the bushes, and the trees. I'm guessing they have always been there, but because of the rain and mizzle, they were highlighted by huge drops of water, and seen from a distance. It was amazing! Those flimsy gossamer strands, so easily broken, connecting each other to make a web, prolific and visible from so far away.

It made me think that perhaps those often flimsy lines of connection we have; with ourselves, our friends, the 'other' or the Divine, are not meaningless. Those small acts of love and mercy, that often feel like drops in the ocean - together they are a powerful source of hope.

(So pick yourself up off the floor Naomi, it's going to be okay).


Cutting back

Last month, a new friend to Treargel came back to help us with his amazing tree surgeon skills.

Here is Roger, clearing the woods and around the Hermitage, bringing increased light and, hopefully, biodiversity and life. Interestingly, on a recent visit to a local vineyard, I learned when annually pruning a vine, 90% of it has to go. There’s a whole nother blog there discussing; simple living, weeding vs rewilding, and Jesus with pruning shears. Another day perhaps, any thoughts?


Many Hermitage guests have said it has a unique quality to it.

“Treargel is a very special place”. “I caught glimpses of a kingfisher”.
“What a beautiful, tranquil spot! Time seems to move slower here, which is just what I needed”.

We'd love more guests to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Hermitage, (fewer have stayed this year than previously). So this month we have become members of a couple of like-minded Trusts, in order to reach more people.

The British Pilgrimage Trust provides 'free access to a pilgrim route network that currently has over 250 routes across Britain'.

The Quiet Garden Movement ‘provides hospitality and a safe, quiet space for coming home to yourself, for spiritual contemplation and reflection’. There are over 300 worldwide. They remind guests of Jesus saying, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest’.

We are so glad to be part of networks that have similar values to us. Let me know if you have any ideas of other groups, publications or social media avenues I could reach out to. Especially for people looking for solitude, simplicity, and being surrounded by nature; faith-based or not.


Seeds of hope

Recently, the group we do community with went down through the labyrinth to the woods and pond. We were chatting about the good seeds we were trying to plant in our lives, what stoney ground stopped us, and which weeds choked up our efforts. For example, we talked about trying to get fit and struggling with our mental health. At the Hermitage, we reflected on the seeds we’d planted that were growing long roots and bearing lots of fruit. Some of us noted courses we were enjoying, fulfilling work, and children growing up.

At the end of the day we attempted a three-minute silence, 'for those that have ears to hear, let them hear'. It was fairly noisy; with a dog, toddler, and 8-year-old with extra needs; but together we heard over three types of bird, wind in the trees, and water rushing to the sea.

Very special!


Special Winter Offer

Did you know that over 50% of our guests have either been before or recommended by a friend? In fact, 4 sets of guests this month have been over 3 times. So, why not book yourselves or a friend a treat this winter, before it's too late?

Book 7 days or more and get one day free for November 2023 - February 2024.

Just mention the code - Buy7 Get1 Free

I will leave you with a translated quote from our recent Byre guests from Germany.

“We felt right at home. Cosy and comfortable. The view is fantastic. The labyrinth, the pond, the Hermitage: fairytale-like. We enjoyed the silence on the property. The Coastpath is quickly reached and leads through a landscape of special beauty. The week was over far too quickly …”


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