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Hunkering down

Once again we are sadly closed for a month. I think I’ve been fighting the idea of this second lockdown, determined not to go into the depths again. The anxiety of the unknown, the financial worry and undefined priorities. But perhaps I need to accept it and hunker down.

Neo our golden retriever, wrapped up in a blanket, contemplating..
Hibernating Neo

A bit like hibernation, the idea of slowing down and conserving energy. Like animals who go into ‘a deep sleep that helps them to save energy and survive the winter without eating much’. Although I'm not sure about the fasting bit. As opposed to Lent, I think I am going to revel in eating comfort foods and lots of chocolate this November. Let's face it, it’s the only fun thing we have left!

There are other examples of hibernation. Jesus during his 3 days in the tomb (though I'm not suggesting he was only asleep). A time he went to the depths and came back again. Seeds dying in the ground and then sprouting new life. The Danish idea of Hygge - cosy contentment and wellbeing; with lots of candles, blankets, and hot chocolate after bracing winter walks. So perhaps we need to think of this November as a time of hibernation. A time when we slow down and cosy up; but also as a season, that will end with the coming of spring.


I'm not here

I heard a lovely song yesterday that mentioned hunkering down, by Paul Armfield called ‘I am not here’.

A few lyrics read;

Do not disturb, can’t you read the sign?

I’ll be hunkering down, for the longest time.

With a blanket, a book and a Belgian beer

And if anyone wants me, I’m not here.

You can hear it on Youtube.


Newest arrival

Did you guess from the photos what was being built last month?

My dad has been busy for the last 3 months; researching, drawing, welding and drilling, in order that he and my mum could have somewhere to stay when they visit. We thought that perhaps others may want to as well. It's converted from an old tumble down shed that was by the stables. Thanks to my brother, nephew and Gary our Hermitage guest for helping out. Now we need to insulate and furnish it so that it will be ready for next year. Plus research how to finance and build a composting toilet and shower in one of the stables for Hut and Hermitage guests to use. The Shepherds Hut is going to be fairly basic (no built in hot tub I'm afraid), but the view is phenomenal.

Any ideas for names would be very welcome.


Reflective Walk

I have been thinking about developing a reflective walk. Something people could do either here in our garden, labyrinth and woods or nearer to you at home. A walk that encourages us to think contemplatively on our life, our journey and the things we are going through.

If you are interested, let me know in the comments down below or in an email.


NHS Bursary

Don't forget that our bursary for all those who work with the NHS is still available up to April 2021.


Creative Hibernation

So, perhaps instead of being anxious about this second lockdown, perhaps I need to slow down and conserve some energy. Whilst also thinking creatively about family entertainment and ways to spend time with my friends and wider family. For example scrabble with my mum on WhatsApp, online pub quizzes with friends, writing letters with a pen! making Christmas presents and slow-cooking rice pudding. Plus of course, there is always the opportunity to do some retreating and contemplation.

What about you, what are your thoughts about this November?


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