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Last rays of summer

I hope, like us, that you have had a busy yet fun summer.

Broken wooden bench down by our labyrinth.
Bye bye broken bench

We enjoyed several big BBQs with friends and neighbours. Including one for Martyn's 50th and another in honour of Treargel founders Clare and Artie. In the Yurt we had a couple of parties for local young people and a workshop for the brilliant Women's Centre Cornwall.

Unfortunately, not everyone had such a good time. My dad, who mends everything, said pointedly, this bench is just too rotten to save! He did a lot of jobs for me around the grounds this summer, so fair enough.


Autumn at Treargel

We are putting on a couple of Quiet Days for those who want to take some time to retreat, reflect and reconnect. Come just for one day, or stay over for a few.

‘No less magnificent’

Using Therese of Lisieux’s quote ‘We are no more important, but no less magnificent than others’ we will be delving into who we are and our place in this world.

An Orange Tip butterfly with white body and bright orange tipped wings.
Orange Tip by Martin Davenport

Friday 21st October 2022

(Like this butterfly, who knows what effect we have on the universe).

Breathe Deeply

Rediscovering the joy of breathing.

Allowing you to inhale and exhale

in a quiet, beautiful, and uncluttered place.

Thursday 24th November 2022

Details for both Quiet Days

10-4pm, refreshments and simple hot lunch included. Booking necessary.

Welcome. Those on a reflective journey; of all faiths (or none), genders and sexualities.

Programme. 3 sessions, starting with short prompts together. Guests then reflect on their own, around the grounds, Barn, Shepherd’s Hut, Hermitage, Yurt or Coastal Path.

Neo, our dog, is very fluffy and an enthusiastic welcomer.

Cost. We don’t charge for our events, but offer on a pay-as-you-feel basis. We’re not a charity or supported financially by any organisations. Donations are welcome so we can put on more events. Bring a packed lunch to pay less.

Booking. On our website booking form, or send me a message on email, Facebook, requirements or by phone. Don't forget to tell me how you will be getting here and any dietary requireents.

Due to the cost and time of running these events, they will be postponed unless a minimum of 5 people have booked 2 weeks in advance. So, book early, we have room for 12.

Residential. To stay during an event, we have 2 cottages, a Shepherd’s Hut (with no heating) and the Hermitage in the woods.


Dates for your 2023 diary

Refuge and sanctuary Quiet Day

Tuesday 17th Jan 2023

In Memory

Planting bulbs in memory of loved ones.

Wed 8th Feb

Quiet Day title tba

Thurs 16th Mar

Gardening Team

March date tba

Helping us beautify our gardens in return for free accommodation. If you can come with a friend or partner and share a room, the more the merrier. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more about this.

Our prolific brambles can’t wait to meet you.

Individual retreats

We would love to see you down in (mostly) sunny Cornwall.

So book now for 2022 prices, they will sadly be going up soon.


I leave you with this blessing, a mashed up ending of a poem by Nicola Slee.

May you be wholly you
Everything you've ever been
And all you shall yet be.


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