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Mini bank holiday retreat

We are really looking forward to Jane and Richard Frost's quiet day Finding Stability in times of Change, next Saturday 7th May. There are a few places left. Book here.

Lamb sitting by fence
Obligatory Christian Easter lamb pic

But, if you can't make it or wish to take some time out for yourself this bank holiday weekend, here is a taster taken from Richard's book Life with St Benedict.

'Take ten minutes to sit with this.

Try to be still.

Listen carefully.

What do you hear?

The noise of traffic. Children. Birds. The wind.

The constant chattering of persistent thoughts.

Things you’ve forgotten.

Reminders of love and loss.

Attend to those distractions with the ear of your mind.

Be still.


As you begin your exploration of life with St Benedict, pray that God will bring it to perfection. You are already one of God’s own. You already have good gifts within you.

Listen now with the ear of your heart: that which is central to your very being, that which gives your attention to God. What do you hear?

Read Psalms 1-2


‘Dear God, please help me to listen’.


Cornish Celtic Way

If the weather is fine on the 7th, we will also be hosting walkers on the Cornish Celtic Way for their lunch break. They will be walking from St Nicholas in Looe to Polperro.

Southwest Coastal Path, sea and Looe Island.
Coast path by Looe Island


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