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Spring Maintenance at Treargel

(Apologies if you already got sent this, but I am learning the new blog settings).

Since last year was so busy, now is the time to get things ready for the new season. So we have been busy, literally scrubbing the decking down by the Hermitage and putting down anti-slip strips. We have also painted the Byre, with the help of my amazing in-laws, resealed the bath and will continue with other jobs around and about. Thankfully we have 2 guests coming on our 'Monastic Gardening' rate to help us keep the beautiful garden in shape this Spring. Also, thanks to many of you for your feedback on what would make Treargel even better.


Good times to book a holiday or retreat and come and visit Treargel

  • February Half-term

  • Lent 26th Feb - 9th April

  • Cornish Pasty week 23rd - 29th Feb

  • Easter 10-13th April

  • May bank holiday Friday 8th May

  • Spring bank holiday 25th May

  • August bank holiday 31st Aug

  • Looe Live 25th - 27th Sep

If you are near, take a look at our Quiet Days calendar and book yourself in.



We would like to give a warm welcome to our new subscribers who have recently joined us. Do take a look around and read our previous blogs. Plus, tell your friends about us, we really appreciate you spreading the word. As mentioned in my previous blog, if you would like a good-old-fashioned poster to put up, then do email me.

As you can see, we have a new blog layout, with the option for comments. I would love to hear from you, so do take the time to say "Hello" and tell us what you are thinking. Especially if you have tips on how you Retreat, whether in daily life or away from home. This will be the subject of our Quiet Day on 11th March.

P.S. There are only a couple of spaces left for the Belonging Quiet day next Thursday 13th Feb.

Thank you for reading, and have a great February.


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