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Happy Christmas from all of us at Treargel

Let me take this chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I know it's all a bit up in the air at the moment, so be gentle and kind to yourself and those around you, as we once again face uncertainty.

An Evening by the Fireside

Even though we are nervous to make plans for 2022, I'll continue until told not to. With that in mind, we are getting ready for our night of mystic blues, candle-lit folk hymns, poetry and conversation with David Benjamin Blower on Thursday 20th January. As a writer, poet, theologian and podcaster of Nomad fame, David holds a space of 'connection, wondering and sharing our radical imaginings with one another'. We hope to do this while sitting around our fire sipping hot toddies.

Man playing guitar and singing.
David Benjamin Blower singing

In his words;

“Let’s brew something wonderful."

Space is limited so book now on Eventbrite or email me.

Listening to Blower's recent interview with Rowan Williams I loved the bit where he encouraged us that learning to be natural, is our job in life. I'm not quite sure what this means in reality, but it seems more doable than some of the things I've felt I ought to be doing recently.

The rest of the 2022 programme, is here, including a chance to grieve for those we have lost, all whilst increasing Treargel's bio-diversity; and a chance to see the APR icon The Woman at the Well, an incredible story that touches on difficult issues such as racial and sexual injustice.

Soon snippets from our recent Quiet Day 'My Journey' will be put up on the Treargel website, as a new Reflective Walk for you to do here or at home. Plus, I will be putting up the 'prompts' I use for each Monday Meditation on our Facebook page.

From January we will have new prices for 2022.

Book now to ensure you get the old prices.


So, what did people think of Treargel this year?

Despite it having been a cold Autumn, our recent guests have found various reasons to be cheerful here.

"A note of deep gratitude for the contemplative space you have created here. Everywhere is just filled with a sense of the sacred." (Byre Nov 2021, Franciscan)

"Your retreat centre is a wonderful, peaceful place, and it was exactly what I needed." (Piggery Nov 2021)​

"There are so many things I have enjoyed.

Morning sea swims whilst

A sunrise over the bay, with Looe island in the background and green grass in the foreground.
Sunrise over Port Nadler bay 15.12.21

the sun rises at Portnadler Bay. Beautiful sunsets which turn the water and the skies golden and pink. And the moon rising big and low in the sky, lighting up the evenings and the coastal path home. Here I've often caught glimpses of the Kingfisher; a streak of blue across the pond, and I've sat and watched the leaves falling as Autumn arrives around the Hermitage. I've loved doing walking meditation around the woods and sitting in solitude, with the trees and stream.

I've learnt a lot about loneliness and solitude and deep connection here.

Thank you Naomi and Martyn for holding the space. I think Treargel is a very special place." (Hermitage Oct 2021, G from the London Buddhist Centre)

"Loved using Treargel for our church away day. It was big enough to accommodate us but cosy enough to feel intimate. I ate too much lunch though – lovely food!" St Martin's Liskeard 2021

Lastly, here is a quote I heard today that seems apt for what many of us try to learn here at Treargel, from bell hooks, who died recently.

"Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape."

May you have some moments of calm and rest this holiday.

Love from Naomi


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