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New Winter Programme

With summer behind us and already deep into Autumn, we’re excited to announce our new Winter programme of Quiet Days, events and other activities.

Come and join us either as a day guest or stay over for the weekend.


My Journey

A signpost at a junction
Which way to go?

Saturday 20th November 2021

A Quiet Day run by Naomi Casserly

Take time out to reflect where you’ve been, where you are and where you hope to be. What kind of paths you prefer and to check your map?

A simple lunch and refreshments are included.


An evening with David Benjamin Blower

Thursday 20th January 2022

A Gig with 6-string writer, poet, theologian and podcaster of Nomad fame.

A night of song, poetry and connection, sitting round our fire.

David says;

"I am on the road again... Candle-lit folk hymns and contemplation; apocalyptic blues, poetry and radical imagination; community mapping, grief and wonder... let’s brew something wonderful."


Planting Memories

English bluebells
English bluebells

Saturday 12th February

Plant a wildflower bulb in memory of someone or something you have lost during this difficult time.

Taking time out to grieve and mourn is an important part of processing life and looking to the future.

Plus, you will be helping us increase our bio-diversity here at Treargel.

Drop-in between 11 and 2pm, refreshments available.

There will be a simple Gathering at 12noon with a blessing and a song.


Gardening Week

26th March - 3rd April

Come and help us keep Treargel so beautiful.

Free accommodation in exchange for some therapeutic work. Plus fun together including bonfires, film nights and meals. (Though, please note, the week will be self-catered, otherwise I have to pay a caterer!)

By the way, you don't have to stay the whole week, and some slots have already gone.


Retreat Association Icon

Displayed throughout April

The Retreat Association Icon of the Woman at the Well.
Woman at the Well

We are very privileged to be part of the Retreat Association tour displaying the icon; formerly at places such as Truro and Southwark Cathedrals, Douai Abbey and Ripon College.

Icons have been used for centuries to offer a way of engaging with a bible story through prayer, stillness and contemplation

'Icon John' recently created this one with the traditional methods of iconography such as using ground minerals and gold leaf. John spoke about how prayer is central to the process of creating an icon.

Icon Quiet Day - Saturday 23rd April

We will have plenty to discuss and reflect on as the icon thoughtfully depicts the Samaritan Woman at the Well. A fascinating story containing issues of race, gender, sex, power, truth and the question of 'true worship'.


Finding Stability in times of change

Saturday 7th May

A Quiet Day run by Rev’d Jane and Richard Frost MBE, author of 'Life with St Benedict'.

Richard says 'We continue to live in times of unprecedented and unsettling change and uncertainty. At a time when change is often feared, stability can be elusive, and busyness interferes with listening to God, this quiet day offers an opportunity for space and reflection.

There will be three short talks, times of silence and prayer.'


Leaven Ladies Retreat

10-12th June

(This is a closed group, not open to the public)

If you wish to run a retreat here, we have space for up to 6 people, with other possibilities for accommodation nearby. Get in touch to discuss.


Other Information

Quiet Days

Are 10-4pm, divided into 3 sections for reflection with refreshments and a simple lunch included.

We have limited space for our events, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Our dog Neo, upside down in an armchair asleep.
Neo resting

Neo, our dog, is very fluffy and an enthusiastic welcomer.

Let us know of any allergies or dog nervousness.


We don’t charge for our events, but offer them on a pay-as-you-feel basis. We are not a charity or supported financially by any other organisations, so donations are very welcome, then we can put on more.


If you would like to stay during an event, please do book on the Accommodation Calendars on our website. We only have 2 cottages and 1 wood cabin, so book early to avoid disappointment. Since this is a winter programme and Cornwall has changeable weather, it would really help us if we can use your living room as an extra breakout room for people to reflect in. Email to discuss this further.

Although a midday meal is provided on Quiet Days, the rest of your stay would be self-catered.

Proof that it is often both sunny and rainy here.

Big double rainbow over The Byre and our courtyard.
We are just at the end of the rainbow!

From all of us at Treargel, we hope you continue to;

Breathe deeply, Rest quietly, Think clearly


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