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Treargel offering Sanctuary

Time out for those with less in their pockets

We are so glad this year to have been able to offer 13 lots of guests the chance to get away from it all, using our 2 bursaries. We realise that Retreats can be expensive, so it's great to welcome 13 people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to come due to financial barriers.

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Through our membership with the Association for Promoting Retreats, we were able to offer 7 NHS staff members money off their stay. This has meant that 3 occupational therapists, 2 care assistants, and 2 non-medical members of staff could come on a much-needed break.

We were also able to offer assistance through our general no-questions-asked bursary with the APR. We get 3 places per year, but can top this up with donations offered to us. So thankfully we could help 6 people; a vicar, counsellor, Baptist minister in training, psychotherapist, someone with special needs on benefits, and a lady supporting sex workers. We were so grateful to be able to offer them some time out in the peace and tranquility that is Treargel.

Thank you to those that have supported us in doing this so far. We have now used up our 'pot' until April. So, if you would like to help top it up, let us know or follow this link straight to the APR donation page. The NHS bursary has been continued to next year, so do pass the message on.


My Journey - Quiet Day

We are excited to be putting on our first in-person event of the year in a few weeks' time, Saturday 20th November.

Signpost in Cornwall
Discerning the right path

Our Quiet Day entitled 'My Journey' will be an opportunity to take time out and reflect. On any ups and downs or past ‘wrong turns’ that became picturesque routes. To consider what road signs represent where we are now, and how we will navigate future deserts, crossroads, and bogs?

There are still a few places left, so book now if you are interested or pass on the message.

We also have space in the Byre or Hermitage if you want to stay for the night or weekend.

Look here for information about the future events at Treargel, including a guest appearance from Nomad's very own David Benjamin Blower in January.


New Shower

They say that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. So we have converted our chapel into an outdoor shower and toilet. The chapel itself was previously a stable, and despite our best efforts, was always a little dark. So now, for those staying in the Hermitage or Shepherds Hut, they can, at last, have a lovely hot shower without having to book in advance or walk through our house. Those wishing for a holy awe-inspiring place to contemplate and pray can now sit in the Shepherd's Hut overlooking the valley, or the Grove surrounded by a circle of trees and birds, or the labyrinth, Dell, garden, woods, coastal path ... For as the Franciscans would say;

"The first act of divine revelation is creation itself. The first Bible is the Bible of nature." - Richard Rohr

“The physical structure of the universe is love.” —Teilhard de Chardin

On that note, have a lovely Autumn and I hope you can get some time out, being in the universe.


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