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The Big Dig!

Much excitement last week at Hendersick when we discovered that we are next door to a new find. As quoted by the BBC "An intact earthenware pot thought to date back to the Bronze Age has been unearthed in a field in Cornwall. The pot, which is 12in (30cm) high, is about 4,000 years old and thought to contain human remains. It was found just below the surface, along with other Bronze Age artifacts like pottery and flint tools, at Hendersick Barrow near Looe." A few of us went up to see the dig in action last Saturday and were treated to a guided tour as well as a chance to see and touch some of the uncovered treasure. The Australian circle was complete when we realised that the the project is part of the Southeast Kernow Archaeological Survey, with input from the Australian National University (ANU). Top left in the picture just above the orange fence is the roof of the farmhouse!

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