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Looking back, to go forward.

2022 in numbers

A loaf of homemade bread cooling in the garden

In my recent January slump, I thought not much had happened in 2022.

Looking back, it seems I was wrong.

  • I made 156 loaves of bread to welcome guests to their retreat. As many people come on their own, most of these were eaten in silence and solitude, while enjoying the peace of nature all around.

  • However, we also do a lot of 'community' here at Treargel and hosted over 30 gatherings with guests, neighbours and family; including teen parties, BBQs, Alphas and Quiet Days. Only 3 were cancelled thankfully, not bad for such a strange year.

  • 12 people used the bursary. Going on retreat can be expensive; so we were really pleased to support this many through our bursary scheme. Thank you to the APR and those that donated. Please do pass this message on.

  • 1,350 minutes of silence were held during our Monday Meditations; listening to the birds, our thoughts or Neo the dog snuffling about. So 45 prompts to meditate by were sent weekly by email and put up on our Treargel Facebook page.

  • 24 hours listening to guests and joining them on their spiritual journey.

Looking back I am thankful for the year and all that it bought. Realising the ups and the downs are all part of the journey, giving me strength to carry on. Thank you to those that joined us and we look forward to meeting new friends on the way.

Sometimes all it takes is a friend with a Listening Ear

In 2022 I had the privilege of Listening to 24 people as they explored their life's journey, grappled with questions and deepened their spirituality.

I offer 1 hour, at a pre-arranged time and place at Treargel (or on the phone), preferably at the beginning of the retreat. Another session can also be booked for the end as they prepare to go home. The cost is on the website, but can be negotiated, and helps pay for my time, training and ongoing supervision.