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How much are we loved?


During this time of year we often think about how much God loved us to send us his only son. Recently I was listening to Brene Brown while cleaning the Piggery, and she said that if we loved ourselves, then we would be able to love others more. It made me wonder that if I knew how much God loved me, then maybe I would love myself more and the rest would follow.

So, this advent I have pledged to spend 5 minutes a day thinking about Gods love for me. This is not always easy, as I am often unsure of His love, or rather, why he would love me or how could he?

Turns out, with the help of Jesus, he just does.

I think I need more than 5 minutes to work this one out!

Advert alert. If you too need some time to figure this one out, then we are offering 20% off from now till March if you quote 20for20. Plus, we have space over the New Year weekend, if you want to retreat to the quiet during this busy time, click here to book.

Lastly, please may we take this opportunity to wish everyone a

very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Treargel Christmas wreath.

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