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Summer leaves, Autumn arrives

Welcoming people

We continue to be busy here at Treargel, having been fully booked since July. It has been wonderful to welcome young families, older people and those on their own, for a break in the fresh air of Cornwall. Many have walked, swam, read and even gone surfing and fishing while here. We now look forward to refreshing walks on the coastal path and the autumnal colours of the woods; to come back to our warm slippers by the fire.

View of our local Portnadler beach from the coastal path.
Portnadler beach and Looe Island

Thanks to Mike Temple, for taking this great picture of our local beach when he visited recently. This is only 15 minutes walk to from Treargel along the coastal path, though it's a little more to get back up!


Coronavirus update

This continues to be a difficult time for all and we hope people will stay safe and well; physically, mentally and financially.

At the moment we are still open, especially to those who want a safe place to stay away from others. We have updated the way we clean our cottages and keep to government guidelines in terms of social distancing when welcoming guests. We also waive the current cancellation fee and offer to postpone the booking if necessary.

Having said that, guests are finding that Treargel is a great place to get away from it all and take a break. Since each cottage is self-catering, it is easy to keep away and enjoy the solitude, silence and fresh air.


New 2021 prices

In January we will be changing our prices, so book now (for any date) to get the current 2020 rates.

Don't forget about our general Bursary and NHS Bursary with the amazing Association for Promoting Retreats. We have a couple of spaces left in our general bursary for those that would find it hard financially to come here. The NHS Bursary is available up until April 2021 to anyone working within an NHS Trust .

Let us know if you would like to make a booking for a retreat or simply some time out.


Something New

Can you guess what we are building here at Treargel?

I say we, mostly my dad who has been planning, designing and welding for the last 3 months. Here is one of our guests, Gary, giving him a hand.


Monday Meditation

Several of us around the country are learning how to sit in silence for 30 minutes once a week; to be, to rest, to abide, to listen. Some of us use a word or phrase to keep us concentrating. This could be Maranatha (= come lord), deeper, refuge, the Jesus Prayer or anything else you find inspiring. A simple one I like is;

I am here

You are here

Here we are together

Today's prompt that I sent out was;

Blessed be you Love at the centre of silence,

Love when I doubt your presence, love when I know you are there.

Still my heart like the quiet of dawn this morning.

(By Tess Ward)

Let us know if you would to join us and receive an email prompt every Monday morning.



Our golden retriever Neo, at a crossroads by a wood.
Neo wondering which way to go.

Many would say we are all on a journey in life. How is yours going? a bit bumpy I imagine. It seems we are taking a strange turn at the moment, Neo too is not sure which way to turn here. The journey of a pilgrimage is much the same, with periods of excitement and challenge and others of boredom and loneliness. We have a new Pilgrimage page on our website to help accommodate those who wish to travel the Cornish Celtic Way and experience the life of a Pilgrim for a short while.

Whatever your journey at the moment here is a prayer from Esther de Waal's book The Celtic way of Prayer p.15 to send you on your way;

Well, then, whole may you be,

and well may it go with you,

every way you go

and every step you travel.


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